Who we are

My name is Lombardi Rita and I originally approached this type of work through my passion for antiquarian books .

A bookbinding course which I attended in the U.K. made me decide to study book and paper restoration and become a professional restorer.

In 2008 I obtained a post high-school Diploma as a Technician in the restoration of antique books, prints and documents, following a full time three-year course (3000 hours), which I attended at the Lombardy Region School of Restoration CR Forma in Cremona Italy.

The course, which was organised on a module basis, each of which covered a particular aspect of restoration/conservation, included instruction by several different experts in the field of conservation and professional restorers working in important national and international library conservation departments (such as the Central National Library in Florence and an Irish library conservation department), as well as private restorers who have been working for state libraries and archives for many years.

During the course I had the opportunity to work on antique books and prints of many different types and historical periods from incunabula to modern books.

I also acquired further practical knowledge during work experience periods spent at the conservation and treatment department of a National Library in the U.K. and with a private restorer in Italy.

Since the beginning of my professional career I have carried out numerous restoration projects on books and prints of many different types and periods.

Some examples of restoration work can be viewed in the Examples of restoration work section of this website and more examples can be seen on a CD that can be sent on request.

Further details and references are available if requested.

I speak and write English fluently and I also have a good knowledge of written and spoken French and German. I can therefore be contacted in these languages.