What we do

When we are looking at a damaged book or print it is necessary to evaluate carefully the type of damage present on them, their future use, their aesthetic characteristics, the materials that make up the objects in question, their history and the physical signs that this history has left on them.

The type and extent of the restoration work to be carried out has to make use of reversible techniques (for examples reversible adhesives) whose aim is the conservation of the object over time but ,whenever possible, also the preservation of physical and easthetic characteristics so that as much as possible of the original appearance and materials is kept.

The methods and materials used follow the guidelines of the most important Italian book and paper restoration centres specializing in book and paper conservation and research, as well as methods used in important European book and paper conservation centres .


Here below are listed some of the most important restoration/conservation operations that can be carried out:


Books :

  • Dusting and cleaning (by means of special sponges and mechanical/manual removal of surface dirt) of paper, manuscripts, printed pages.

  • Washing, deacidification, stain removal, consolidation/resizing and anti-mould treatment of paper

  • Paper restoration in case of tears, woodworm holes, losses, damage to the fold, reinforcement of fragile paper by means of Japanese paper lining

  • Resewing of loose or treated pages/quires using the original sewing technique where possible

  • Re-binding using as much of the original parts present as possible adding only compatible and suitable new materials, from a conservation point of view

  • Conservation and re-application of the original leather, parchment, paper, cardboard, alla rustica type binding, cloth as well as antique wooden boards with leather and metal straps

  • In cases where the original binding or the original spine is completely missing a new binding/spine can be made in the original period style and using the same type of materials



Paper, Manuscripts, Prints, Drawings:


  • Cleaning and removal of any surface dirt using specific materials and techniques

  • Where possible and necessary: washing , stain removal carried out with due care and attention to the conservation aspect of this operation, anti-mould treatment, consolidation/resizing, lining in case of fragile papers

  • Paper deacidification

  • Evaluation of ink damage (perforation)

  • Restoration of tears, woodworm holes, losses using Japanese papers or hand made papers compatible with the original as regards weight, type and colour

  • Construction of made-to-measure conservation boxes or folders in acid-free conservation board, specific for the conservation of books, paper and works of art on paper

  • Mounting of prints and drawings on conservation mounting boards ( for framing or conservation purposes) or on specific supports for exhibitions



  • Stretching of deformed or creased parchment covers or documents

  • Cleaning of parchment covers

  • Restoration of losses and tears using both parchment and Japanese paper paying attention to the chromatic matching of materials

  • Mounting of parchment fragments or decorated parts using specific conservation techniques