To salvage a book means to preserve its history, to preserve the passion with which it is made, to salvage the wonder and curiosity of those who, over time, have used end read it.


Thought, evolution of the graphic arts and printing techniques, history in a wider sense as well as the not so unimportant personal histories.

A book  encapsulates within itself all these and many more important aspect that are profoundly linked to our own history.

Because of its uniqueness of content a book must be preserved in all its characteristics, both technical and artistic.

The utmost respect for the original structure of the book combined with the most recent conservation and restoration procedures is what inspires the work of book and paper conservation.

In the workshop conservation and restoration work is carried out on antique ,old and modern book .

Preventive conservation activities can be carried out for libraries and private collections.

Restoration and conservation work can be applied on all types of documents, whether handwritten or printed, whether on paper or on parchment , on antique and modern prints, on maps and collectables made of paper or cardboard.            (see sectionn "What we do")

If you would like to have more information or a quotation for a specific restoration requirement you can call phone Italy (0039) 339 1378728.

Or you can send an e-mail  through the "Contacts" section on this website.

Fluent English is spoken as well as good German and French.

We also attend a monthly book market (antiquarian and second-hand) which is held in Castelgoffredo (Mantua) every 1st  Sunday of the month except January and August.